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Toyal Solar "FPL" standard structure


Toyal Solar “FPL” performance advantages


To study the difference between different materials, Toyo Aluminium K. K.(including our company) and many institutions and colleges both from home and abroad and independent third party laboratory conducted cooperation in comparing the performance of the complete components (240Wp). It turned out that FPL Back sheet perform better than other brand Back sheet (Both sides fluorine film type) in service life. With a stable raw material supply and reasonable price, the cost of per kilowatt hour could be lowered rapidly.



Experimental condition:85℃×85%Humidity



             * Using 6inch mc-Si 60 cells. Module size is 1,642mm×991mm.

             * All components are manufactured by the same manufacturer.

             * All components are manufactured according to the same standard.

             * Except Back sheet, all components are made of the same material.

             * Data described is an experimental value, it is not a guaranteed value.