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Toyal Solar “BHL” performance advantages

In maturation stage of photovoltaic development, BIPV requires a high aesthetic appearance. Black modules require black Back sheet, though the defect of inefficient high temperature cannot be avoided. As the representativeness product of Toyal Solar of black Back sheet, BHL not only keeps its black appearance, but also enhances the power of components through high reflection and high thermal diffusivity, thus bring the manufacturer and their customers higher added value.





Initial (EVA only)

BS lamination (BS+EVA)

(Vacuum lamination(1st))

(Vacuum lamination(2nd))

Rate of change[%]

Normal Black BS










 * As indicated by the experiment, the components of 200W may increase the power of about 5W!

* However,conditions of different manufacturers’ modules are different,and therefore the power generation efficiency improvement rate will be different.

* Data described is an experimental value, it is not a guaranteed value.



Heat Radiation test of BHL

* Using 6inch mc-Si 4cells. Module size is 355mm×355mm.

* Image of the Thermography.

* The observation of the temperature on the surface of the BS.


* Measure the temperature of the cell.

* With BHL, the temperature decrease of about-2 ℃.

* Its reflection of infrared radiation subdues the temperature rising of the cell.

* Data described is an experimental value, it is not a guaranteed value.