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Company policy


Safety Policy

  1. Abide by the rules and regulations of safety, health, and safety basic rules;

  2. Enhance the awareness of danger, keep improving safety


Course of action

 Make the future, begin from me

  ◎ Aim to be first class

  ◎ Win by wisdom

  ◎ Strengthen communication

  ◎ Envisage failure

  ◎ Give play to sensibility

  ◎ Build alliance

  ◎ Safety first


Quality policy

 Live on quality, grow strength on cost, win trust on delivery


Environmental policy

Abide by rules and regulations, protect environment, save resources, prevent pollution, and improve continuously
We attach great importance to the coordinate development with natural environment and local society and put environment administration as an important subject and formulate the following regulations:

 1. Aide by the state and local environment rules and regulations and related standards;

 2. We apply ourselves to protect human health, natural resource and ecology environment;

 3. Strengthen the administration of energy and resource, improve the utilization factor; realize resource recovery and reduction;

 4. Strengthen the publicity and education of environment protection, enhance the overall environmental consciousness and ability;

 5. Effectively control the discharge of waste water, gas, noise, solid waste and chemicals and prevent contamination accident;

 6. Contact frequently with government, media, customers and suppliers, promote information exchange and timely discern and update the rules and regulations that are suitable to the company;

 7. Regularly check and verify the environment management system and continuously improve environmental performance.